About Patrick Woods

Hi there, I’m Patrick, and I help startups grow.

I’ve spent my career on both ends of the funnel. I’ve built brands, crafted demand generation campaigns, and managed hundreds of thousands in paid search budget.

But I’ve also built customer success organizations, most recently managing $20M in ARR at companies in the machine learning as well as the analytics space. Data scientists, engineers, dev ops — generally, highly technical people.

I’m all about the customer. Attracting them, then keeping them.

In my career, I’ve worked at Archer Malmo, Keen IO, and Figure Eight.

I then founded Initial Commit to help early-stage founders find their voice.

Most recently, I cofounded Developer Mode, an agency that helps companies reach developers in their native tongue: code.

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Other things

I’m also really proud of the Brand Strategy Canvas. It’s a tool we made to help startups actualy do brand strategy. Check it out. It’s free for anyone to use.

About this site

This blog is built on Jekyll and is based on the Hyde theme. It’s stored on github and is deployed automatically using a neat tool calld Netlify.