End-to-end customer growth

I’ve spent my career on both ends of the funnel. I’ve built brands, crafted demand generation campaigns, and managed hundreds of thousands in paid search budget.

But I’ve also built customer success organizations, most recently managing $20M in ARR at companies in the machine learning as well as the analytics space. Data scientists, engineers, dev ops — generally, highly technical people.

I’m all about the customer. Attracting them, then keeping them.

Who are you?

You’re currently getting a handful of organic signups, but you’re ready to operationalize and scale your growth machine. You need help building the top of the funnel, as well as ensuring the customers you acquire don’t churn.

And you want to solve these problems now, instead of teaching yourself or risking an individual contributor hire, when what you really need is experience and perspective to build the systems.

Sound familiar?

I’ve seen it countless times. That’s why I help early-stage startups build and implement growth programs that are customer-centric and aligned with their desired outcomes, from lead generation through renewal and upsell.

Let’s get started

I’m currently taking new clients who need to go from zero to one in their customer success efforts, as well as those who need creative and operational help on the marketing side of things.

We’d build a custom package for you, but the most common ingredients include:

Marketing Starter Plan

You have a great product, now let’s make sure your audience can find you. Maybe need help refining your messaging, but don’t know where to start. You’re ready to launch growth initiatives, but don’t have the time to teach yourself, and hiring the right person will take months.

All of these things take time, which is where I can help.

I’ll dig into your target audience, competitors, and the overall marketplace. Based on your goals, we’ll define a strategy for reaching your audience at scale. Deliverables often include:

Fractional CMO Services

When you need help with marketing strategy and ops, but aren’t ready to go full-time.

Customer Success Launch Plan

Okay, you have users, but how do you build scalable systems that minimize churn and maximize engagement? How do you ensure new users are fully onboarded, and that you’re not leaving upsell and add-on revenue on the table?

To figure that out, we’ll explore the key elements of your customer journey, define the critical milestones, and outline a process that will scale with your team and your customers. Deliverables often include:

Fractional Chief Customer Officer services

When you need help with customer success strategy and ops, but aren’t ready to go full-time.

Email patrickjwoods /at/ gmail to get started.

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Other things

I’m also really proud of the Brand Strategy Canvas. It’s a tool we made to help startups actualy do brand strategy. Check it out. It’s free for anyone to use.

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